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About Gary and Jean
Located in Central Texas, between Stephenville and Hico, Ready 2 Rope Ranch is owned and operated by Jean and Gary Poythress. Is ready 2 rope referring to the cattle, or Jean and Gary? You decide.

Between the two of us, we have 90 years of competitive team roping experience under our belts. As ropers, we have successfully competed in Junior, High School, College, Amateur and Professional Rodeos in every state west of the Mississippi and a few beyond the toll bridges to the East - not to mention literally thousands of team ropings in the Western United States. Okay, neither of us have ever rodeoed in Alaska!!! However, we have roped a lot of steers and we feel that we know the type of cattle ropers want.

On the producer end of things, Jean's parent's, Hollis and Joanne Fuchs, ran the first commercial team roping arena in Colorado and then moved to the Sandhills of Nebraska where they continued to run commercial team ropings until moving to New Mexico in 1983. In other words, Jean ran a lot of steers through the chute and took off her share of ropes! Gary was the co-founder of the West Coast Team Roping Association and started the USTRC classifications which he owned and managed until 1998. Gary continues to run the computer end of things for the USTRC today. We believe we have a good handle on the kind of roping cattle producers want.

Our original NACA stock came from the New Mexico ranches of Dusty Ray and Jimmy Garcia. In the fall of 2000 we moved to Texas from California and Jean decided to raise corriente cattle instead of teaching school. We have raised most of our own bulls, adding some quality Cates and Garcia bulls for genetic diversity. Today, we are striving to raise the type of cattle that producers and ropers will want to buy and rope. Together with Jean's mom, Joanne Fuchs, we run about three hundred registered and commercial mother cows in Texas and New Mexico. We invite anyone who is interested to come visit our ranches!

In 2002 , we showed our corrientes for the first time at the NACA Nationals in Witchita Falls, Texas. We had such a good time and met so many nice people that we have been coming back to the Nationals ever since and have attended many regional shows as well. We would like to thank all the people who have shared their knowledge with us and all those who have bought our cattle.

Ready 2 Rope Ranch, Hico, TX Jean Poythress Main: (254) 796-2375 Mobile: (209) 606-8986